2-Day Tour: Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu by Train





$ 180.00 USD

Per person, … collective trip …  Max 16 p


$ 340.00 USD

Per person, … private travel … Max 6 p 


Machu Picchu tour by car 2 days on an economical 2-day car tour, featuring comfortable Mercedes Benz minibuses and professional drivers. Explore the Inca citadel with our experienced guides and enjoy the stunning landscapes.

Experience the beauty of Machu Picchu on our budget-friendly 2-day car tour, the most affordable option to visit the iconic Inca citadel. This journey requires a minimum of two days and departs from Cusco at 6:30 AM in a comfortable Mercedes Benz minibus driven by professional drivers

Although this tour involves a longer travel time, it’s perfect for those seeking savings without compromising comfort and safety. At meeting point, we ensure a memorable experience with our modern, well-maintained vehicles.


  • Enjoy a comfortable and scenic drive through the picturesque Sacred Valley.
  • Behold the grandeur of Machu Picchu, one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the world, at sunrise for an awe-inspiring experience.
  • Learn about the rich history, culture, and architectural mastery of the Inca civilization from your experienced local guide.
  • Savor delicious Peruvian cuisine and engage with the warm, welcoming locals during your overnight stay in the quaint town of Aguas Calientes.
  • Relish the convenience of private transportation, pre-booked accommodation, and entrance tickets, ensuring a hassle-free adventure.


  • Starting Point: Cusco & Ollantaytambo
  • Cusco Pick-up: 6:30 AM at Plaza Regocijo
  • Ollantaytambo Pick-up: 8:00 – 8:30 AM from Ollantaytambo Plaza
  • Ending Point: Cusco City Center – Plaza Regocijo
  • Duration: 2 days, 1 night
  • Departure: Daily departures available
  • Group Size: Up to 16 travelers Or private travel … Max 6 p 
  • Machu Picchu Ticket: Included in the package
  • Vegetarian/Vegan: Meals available upon request at no extra charge
  • Meals Included: 1 lunch, 1 dinner & 1 breakfast
  • Free Storage: Available for your convenience
  • High Season: April to October
  • Accommodation: 1-night hotel private wc stay in Aguas Calientes

TRIP DETAILS Itinerary Machu Picchu by car 2 D 1 N

DAY 1:

Itinerary: Machu Picchu by Car – Scenic Drive and Trek to Aguas Calientes

Experience the stunning landscapes on Day 1 of our Machu Picchu by car tour, featuring a scenic drive to Hidroelectrica, a delicious local lunch in Hidroelectrica, and a 2:30 hours trek to Aguas Calientes.

On Day 1 of our Machu Picchu by car tour, we’ll start the tour at Cusco City Center – Plaza Regocijo at 6:30 am in Cusco for a scenic 6-hour drive to Hidroelectrica. Along the way, we’ll stop in Hidroelectrica for a delicious lunch. After lunch, continue the 2:30 hours trek to Aguas Calientes.

Prepare yourself for a picturesque 2:30 -hour, 10 km trek along the flat terrain to the base town of Machu Picchu. Upon arrival in Aguas Calientes, we’ll take you to your hotel, where you can freshen up and relax. In the evening, enjoy a scrumptious dinner in the town and get ready for an exciting day ahead exploring Machu Picchu.

Key Details:

Driving Time: Approximately 5-6 hours from Cusco to Hidroelectrica

Walking Distance: 10 km / 2:30 hours from Hidroelectrica to Aguas Calientes

Weather: Warm, windy, and tropical

Accommodations: Hotel stay in Aguas Calientes

Meals inluded: Lunch in Hidroelectrica / Dinner in Aguas Calientes / Breakfast in Aguas Calientes

Or private travel … Max 6 p coordinate with us here by whatsApp Or Email

DAY 2::

Itinerary: Machu Picchu by Car – Exploring the Inca Citadel and Surroundings

On Day 2 of our Machu Picchu by car tour one way ticket a bus to the citadel. Experience a guided tour, free exploration time.

On Day 2 of our 2-day Machu Picchu by car tour one way ticket a bus to the citadel, at 4:30 AM  after breakfast to reach the main entrance by 6 AM.

You have the option to walk or take a bus to the citadel for retourn bus. If you choose to take the bus, you’ll need to purchase a ticket in Citadel for $12.5 Those who prefer to walk should start their descent. 

Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, the meeting point will be at the main entrance of Machu Picchu at 6 AM. Your guide will lead you on a tour through the Inca site, sharing the history and stories behind this iconic location. After the guided tour, you’ll have free time to explore the area on your own.

After visiting Machu Picchu, begin your return journey to Cusco by starting the trek from the citadel back to Hidroelectrica at around 10:00 AM. The trek will take approximately 3.5 hours, allowing you to reach Hidroelectrica in time to board the car for Cusco between 2:00 and 2:30 PM.

The drive from Hidroelectrica to Cusco will take around 6 hours, during which you can relax and reflect on your incredible Machu Picchu experience. Upon arrival in Cusco, you’ll have completed your memorable 2-day Machu Picchu by car tour.

All traveler coordinate with us here by whatsApp Or Email

Inclusions: Included

Inclusions for the 2-Day Machu Picchu Tour by Car

Discover what’s included in our 2-day Machu Picchu tour by car, featuring round-trip transportation, meals, accommodations, entrance fees, and a professional guide for the iconic Inca citadel.

Included in the 2-Day Machu Picchu Tour by Car:
  • Round-trip transportation between Cusco and Hidroelectrica
  • 1 lunch, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast
  • 1-night accommodation at a hotel in Aguas Calientes
  • Entrance ticket to Machu Picchu
  • Professional guide for the Machu Picchu tour

Our 2-day Machu Picchu tour by car provides a comprehensive experience, complete with comfortable round-trip transportation, delicious meals, cozy accommodation in Aguas Calientes, and entrance to the iconic Inca citadel.

Not Included

  • NOTE IMPORTANT: The round-trip trek between Hidroelectrica and Aguas Calientes does not include a guide, nor is one provided for the hike between Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. However, we will ensure that you receive detailed information, including hotel addresses. Many people choose these routes as they serve as the second gateway to Machu Picchu. Rest assured, hiking through these canyons of Machu Picchu is both easy and safe.

What to Pack

A 2-day Machu Picchu tour by car requires a simple yet well-thought-out packing list to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here’s a basic packing list to get you started:

  • Small backpack or daypack
  • Cash (in local currency)
  • Original Passport
  • Original student card in case you applied for the student discount
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder (at least 1-2 liters)
  • Snacks (energy bars, nuts, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Smartphone or camera (with chargers or extra batteries)
  • Light, breathable, quick-dry layers (t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts)
  • A light jacket or fleece for cooler temperatures
  • Comfortable pants or shorts
  • Waterproof jacket or poncho (in case of rain)
  • Underwear and socks (preferably moisture-wicking)
  • Sturdy, comfortable, and broken-in hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Hat or cap for sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Insect repellent
  • Wet wipes or baby wipes
  • Small towel
  • Personal medications and a basic first-aid kit (band-aids, pain relievers, etc.)
  • Hotel or accommodation reservation details

Remember to pack as light as possible, while still having essentials to keep you comfortable and prepared for your adventure. Always check the weather forecast before your trip and adjust your packing list accordingly.


The fixed prices for the Machu Picchu tour by bus for a 2-day, 1-night itinerary in the 2024 season are as follows:
  • Student: 120 US Dollars

  • Adult: 140 US Dollars Or 280 US Dollars in private tour

These prices are for a group service, which means you will join other travelers on the tour.

Additional activities like hiking Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain. These hikes require separate entrance tickets and are subject to availability, so it’s best to book in advance.

Also, if you would like to climb one of the mountains, it is better to spend an extra night in Aguas Calientes. This will give you more time to explore Machu Picchu and complete the additional hikes without feeling rushed. Staying an extra night also allows for a more relaxed experience and time to enjoy the town and its surroundings.




The student price is available for all students around the world, provided that they meet the requirements set by the Peruvian government. This discount is applicable when purchasing Machu Picchu tickets from the Peruvian government.

Your student ID must be an original ID issued by your university, made of PVC material.
The student ID must have the following information printed on it.
  • University information.
  • Student name.
  • Student picture.
  1. The student ID must have a valid expiration date printed on it, which is only valid for one year. For instance, if you visit Machu Picchu in 2023, the expiration date on your ID must be 2024 or 2025. If you visit Machu Picchu in 2025, the maximum expiration date allowed is 2026.
  2. The student discount is available only for students who are not more than 25 years old.
  3. The International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is not valid for the discount, even if it meets the requirements mentioned above.
  4. The only valid document for the student price is the original student ID that meets the requirements set by the Peruvian government. No other documents such as certifications or virtual cards are accepted as proof of student status.
  5. To apply for the student price, send us a photo of both sides of your student ID to when you book the tour. If you send it later, you will not be eligible for the student discount.

How to Book with Machu Picchu Reservation


  1. Choose a reputable, government-authorized tour operator.
  2. Click the “Book Online Or Here button, select the date, and complete the booking form. Have one person fill it out for the entire group to ensure you’re booked together. Keep your passport handy for accurate information.
  3. Make a payment online using any debit or credit card. There’s a 8.9% fee for online payments, which customers must cover.
  4. To secure your Machu Picchu tour by car 2 days, provide a $100 deposit per person. This helps obtain necessary permits and tickets from the Peruvian government.
  5. Optionally, you can pay the full tour amount upfront to avoid any future payment concerns.
  6. If you choose to pay only the deposit, the remaining balance is due 24 hours before the tour begins. You can pay in cash (soles or dollars) at the office in Cusco or by card (9.9% fee). You can also pay the balance online with any card (9.9% fee).

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily book your Machu Picchu tour by car 2 days experience and focus on preparing for your adventure.

Payment: You can pay for the 2-day Machu Picchu tour by car online using any debit or credit card. A 9.9% fee applies to online payments, which customers must cover. To book Machu Picchu tour By car, a $100 deposit per person is required to secure permits and tickets from the Peruvian government. You can choose to pay the full tour amount upfront to avoid future payment concerns. If you pay only the deposit, the remaining balance is due 24 hours before the tour starts. Pay the balance in cash (soles or dollars) at our office in Cusco, or by card with a 10.9% fee. You can also pay online using any card with a 12.9% fee.

Passport Requirements: Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned entry date to Peru. If it’s set to expire within 6 months, renew it before traveling. If your passport expires within 6 months but you want to secure your Machu Picchu tickets, book the tour and update your passport details with us after renewal. Failure to do so may result in permit and ticket forfeiture.

Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment. Obtain insurance before departing and consider working with a reputable agency for affordable coverage.

Deposit: The $100 deposit per person for the 2-day Machu Picchu tour by car is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Remaining Balance: If you only pay the deposit, the balance is due 24 hours before the tour starts. Pay in cash (soles or dollars) at our office in Cusco or by card with a 9.9% fee. You can also pay online with any card and a 9.9% fee.

Student Discount: If your student card meets Peruvian government requirements, reserve the tour with a deposit and pay the remaining balance upon arrival in Cusco. The student discount will be applied at that time.

We recommend the best price to you. So you just have to recommend us to do it and for payment only you need a single inter-bank transfer or by Wester Union. This way you avoid all additional costs. And for this we give you information about your purchase by email and by our company whatsapp as well as by a phone call from our country of origin: Peru.

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